Teaching, Toes, and General Splendor

There are so many things about which I could write… but which are worthy of the minimal time I have?

Last time I wrote I was very nervous because I was to begin teaching the next morning.  Except, I was wrong.  Surprise, surprise.  I didn’t have the schedule correct in my head and MY first day of teaching is not until tomorrow.  I also found out that the lessons I planned are far too advanced for the level of English that the children know.  This, though throwing a bit of a wrench in my plans, does make my life a bit easier.  The missionaries told us today (as opposed to months and months ago, when we started planning…. Ah, flexability) that they really only wanted us to teach some vocabulary and to entertain the kids.  Not exactly as I planned, but we’ll go with it!  [If anyone has any brilliant ideas for group games to do with kids that don’t speak English, I’d be much obliged.]

I love the city of Alcoy.  Spain is so beautiful.  I can see mountains past the appartment buildings!  I think of my sister every time I see the mountains because she loves them so.  (I just posted pictures on facebook!) There are parks everywhere and lots of people walking down street with no signs.  My madre is certain that I can find my way about, walking and riding the bus, but all of the buildings and stores look the same to me!  I’ve only been here for three days, and I am sure that I would be hopelessly lost without a guide and without street signs!

As I said, there are tons of people walking everywhere.  My family and I are no exception.  I like to walk, but I am NOT used to walking this much!  I expect that I will soon adapt.  The sidewalks here are shiny… and very slick, especially when wet.  I had surgery on my toe on my left foot the week before I left for Spain.  Walking about in in the rain, wearing flipflops with a very tender toe on the slipperiest sidewalks every made is not the brightest or safest of ideas.  As it so happens, I managed to slip off the curb and injure a toe on my right foot, instead.  A splintered nail stuck in my toe and a great deal of blood later, and I was hobbling up and down the steep sidewalks of Alcoy like a regular anciana! (old woman)  My freshly injured toe is quite healed now, but later I slipped again and stubbed the toe that had the operation, and it is fairing poorly.  As I do a great deal of walking, your prayers in this regard are appreciated.

I have written far more than is acceptable, and I hope you will forgive me!  I also hope you will forgive my grammar, as this is hastily written and not (cringe) proof-read.


  1. It is so great to hear about how you are doing! Did you notice I have a blog now, too?! You inspired me! Maybe you should wear tennis shoes! Your poor toe! : ( Do you remember the game where everyone stands in a big circle and someone starts by making a noise and pointing at someone with their hands together? The pointed at person raises their arms making a noise, the two people on either side make a noise and point at the middle person who then points at someone else. If you mess up, you're out. I'm sorry but I forget what the noises are and what the game is called. Zip and Boom maybe... We played it at reunion and at Cedar Road youth group(before your time). Hopefully those directions made sense.....
    Are you still going to be teaching the adults too? I love you!

  2. I'm thinking Sara has a great idea...why don't you wear tennis shoes? Protect those toes! :-)

    I don't remember the rules of the game Sara described but I know the folks who played at reunion had lots of fun. I'm sure your brother would have game ideas from youth group.

    Pa and I enjoyed the pictures you posted. The mountains are indeed beautiful.

  3. It's called Wah. And it was not before my time... :) I am old.
    It is too hot to wear tennis shoes.

  4. Katie I agree with you - Spain is too hot for tennis shoes...thus in order to not fall I recommend finding Spanish arm candy to cling to...haha

  5. Ah, yes, the wah game! You are not old. Were you in youth group when I was a sponsor?

  6. Stephen: I completely agree. Will get right on that. :)

    Sara: Yes, I was:) I was in Katie's small group and Jordan was in yours. Remember? We were mad... haha

  7. Oh, yeah! That's right! We were being mean to you guys! ; )