Oh the places you'll go...

I'm going to Spain.  After a month there, I'll return home for a month and then leave for the Dominican Republic.    Though I am going to try to diligently keep up with personal relationships and correspondence, it's going to be difficult.  So, I decided this would be my way of keeping you all updated and feeling loved. :-)  That is the primary reason I decided to start a blog; to tell anyone who wanted to listen, what exactly is going on in my life.

I was feeling very pleased with my solution to this problem when something happened.  As He often does, God showed me that this was His idea and His way of solving another one of my seemingly endless problems.  I am insanely worried about the next 5 months.  I'm worried about the distance and the time spent away from home.    I'm worried about leaving friendships and my comfort zone.  I'm worried about flights and about being safe overseas (I saw Taken!).  I'm worried about being inadequate for the task before me.  And yet He remains Faithful.  Thus, the secondary purpose (or the primary?) of my blog was born.  It is to be the written proof, to me and to you, of God's persistent, everyday faithfulness.  Because even when I can't see it, feel it, or want to believe it, Jesus is there and He is always Faithful.