The Kiddos!

Meet my little English Campers!!!

Orange Group: 5&6 year olds plus one 4yr old.
Elena, Caridad
Trouble makers, to be sure!  But cute as buttons to the last...  Elena has a knack for English and she LOVES hugs!  Caridad would draw butterflies on the board all day, if I let her.

An active child, as I'm sure you can guess... Jordi showed up at camp one morning with a cast, but it hasn't slowed him down much.

Our little 4yr old angel.  She loves to dance and doesn't really get the whole English thing, which is ok. Ian has a little crush on this little guapa.

This is the little sister of Carlos, from the blue group.  They adore one another.  Carlos went on and on about how talented she is and about what a fabulous artist she is.  Sweet as can be... little Ana.

Inma has two older siblings at the camp, Amy and Joseph.  Inma is quiet and misses her mama very much, but loves English camp!

This is the son of my profs, Dr. Eric and Lisa Oglesbee.  He is just learning to read, so he really enjoys the English camp, even though he speaks (quite a lot...) English already.

The Blue Group: 11&12 year olds
Carlos is a performer to the core.  If anyone was born for the stage, it was this child.  He sings, he acts, he dances, and he is hilarious to boot.  

Carlos's alter ego...

Saul is a little punk!  He is Edgar's little brother (Edgar goes to Mark and Carla's church and is helping out at the camp).  He's fun to pick on, and being a little brother, he picks right back.

Josiah and Silas are the sons of Jessica Beldon, one of the other Bethel students here doing a practicum.  They are helpful in the classroom when you need an example that you know will be correct!


All. Boy.  Love Julen, he is a great kid.  At first, he was a little too cool for school, but now he loves it.  

I can  not get enough of his cute little face!!!  He reminds me so much of Jonah from Sleepless in seattle that I can hardly stand it.

Maria, Claudia, Marta
Daniela, Claudia, Mariola
These girls are all so smart!  They pick up on the English so fast, though they like to pretend that they don't get it.  Daniela is my host sister, and she and Maria both returned to camp for the second 2 weeks.

The Red Group: 9&10 year olds- my favorite age group! <3 4th graders...

Gabriel, Javier, Adria
My favorite campers (but shhh... don't tell!).  They are little stinkers but smart as whips and adorable as all get out.  Gabriel and Adri both attend the Hanson's church, Monte Sion.

Irene, Africa
Beautiful and smart... but terribly chatty!  Go figure :)

Joseph is nothing if not sweet.  A little ditzy at times, but always sweet and gentle.

This boy knew all the answers, all the time.  Very smart, and sometimes I think he got bored!

Don't let that adorable face fool you.  This is a little smarty pants!  He wants his own way and will connive, ever so subtly and sweetly, to get it.  If that doesn't work, he may revert to brute force.  Watch out.

Marta, Mareya
Quiet Marta and huggy Mareya.  Mareya loves to tickle and likes having her hair french braided.  She's a little goof ball and lots of fun.  Marta has been difficult to get to know, but she always has a smile and is a little ray of sunshine.

Martin... he's a handful.  He has a tendency toward violence; he loves to hit, kick, pull hair, and pinch.  He doesn't like to pay attention or obey, and [unfortunately for us] is a natural leader.

The Green Group: 7&8 year olds... these cute kids terrorized the camp with their crazy antics and constant energy.
Adrian, Pere, and little Amy in the back
Crazy, crazy kids!  They LOVE games and having their picture taken.  Amy loves to be in her own little world...

Sara? and Andrea
The smarty pants and the sporty girl.  Andrea is Adrian's sister and they are very nearly connected at the hip at times.  

Paula, Rodrigo, Adriana
Paula is bright and obstinate.  Rodrigo is absolutely brilliant and knows more English than probably any of the kids in the camp.  He is almost always translating what we say to the rest of the class.  Adriana is cute and sweet, but easily distracted. :)

Vega (pronounced Begga) is a little young for this group but she keeps up with the rest just fine.  Her little feet don't touch the floor when she sits at her desk!

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